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Psychological Services 

Dr. Corena offers reasonable and affordable therapy fees. In most cases, the therapeutic services are free or a low co-payment through private insurance, the victims of crime program, or Medi-Medi. Dr. Corena also employs well-qualified clinical staff (Psychological Assistants) that assist with providing individual and family therapy.


Dr. Corena provides psychological treatment to abused and traumatized victims, children with emotional and behavioral problems, family members in relational conflicts, and individuals with multiple psychological and psychiatric conditions. 


Dr. Corena conducts presentations, workshops, training, and groups regarding issues of stress management, family conflicts, parent education, grief and loss, low self-esteem, and improve work/peer relations. The presentations are provided in schools, churches, social groups, community agencies, or in the office.  Dr. Corena also treats adults with drug or alcohol problems and youth at risk for self-destructive activities.

Professional Service


- Individual, family, and group therapy

- Completion of legal forms and certifications  (comprehensive psychological evaluations  and professional reports for immigration  cases such as Uvisa and Provisional Waivers  (I-601 Waiver) 

- Psychological testing for intellectual abilities  and functioning, developmental  delays/disorders, mental state, immigration  cases, and others

- Referrals for psychiatric and medical    evaluations 

- Case management services

- Parenting classes and workshops

- Training and community outreach events

- Domestic Violence Prevention & Treatment

Financial Services

​- Victims Compensation Fund Program

- Medical/Medicare 

- Private Insurance

- Reduced fees and pro-bono services

Specialized Treatment Services


- Anxiety

- Depression

- Domestic Violence

- Childhood and Adolescents Mood and  Behavioral Problems

- Issues of Abuse and Trauma-Related  Symptomatology 

- Play and Art Therapy for Children

- Psycho-Educational Training, Including  Parenting Training

- Relationships and Family Conflicts

- Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

- Stress Management

- Substance Abuse and Impulsive Behaviors

- Evaluations and Psychological Reports for  Immigration or Other Legal Matters

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